Monitoring & the Cloud

Don Monitoring specialise in creating Cloud Monitoring Systems (CMS) that allow our customers to remotely view and monitor key data from their plants, factories, businesses and external devices in one secure web based area that can be accessed 24/7/365. Our CMS systems offer tremendous value for money when compared to traditional SCADA, PLC or bespoke access systems as well as offering continuous upgradeability and ease of access from any web enable device be it laptop, pc, tablet or phone.

Our web based system collects your data from all types of outputs using dedicated bespoke gateways or standard Ethernet interfaces which then automatically send your data to a secure databank where it can be analysed and securely accessed by our or your customers to view or manipulate the data.

We are experienced in collecting data from many different types of devices such as temperature or speed sensors, building management controls, monitoring stations or PLC’s. The advantage to using a bespoke CMS system apart from cost is the ease of expanding your system, to add new monitoring devices or create online tools such as maintenance scheduling and recording of results as well as bringing together data from many different sources and sites from all over the world into one place.

We have experience in creating systems that allow our customers to be automatically informed if a certain event happens such as a temperature alarm or failed test result by email, sms or phone call. Our CMS systems can be tailored to each customer’s different needs such as adding charting and statistical analysis or interrogation tools to sort and review key data. Our CMS system can be tailored to allow your customers secure access to their data though your own bespoke holding web page.

We can tailor our CMS system to your every need, now and in the future