Manufacture & Supply

Our modern manufacturing facilities have the flexibility to allow us to create individual prototype units through to small batch runs or full quantity manufacture. Whether your requirement are for 10 units per year or 1,000 units per month we have the flexibility and know how to ensure your product is delivered on time, every time.

At Don Electronics, we pride ourselves in ensuring every single product leaving our facility is tested and inspected to the highest standards. During the design phase, all areas of manufacture from component selection, assembly practices, testing, calibration, packing, delivery and traceability are considered to ensure that each product can be manufactured easily and economically.

During the initial prototyping and design stage,  we design in and build automated test rigs that fully function test products at various stages of manufacture, fully documenting test results and producing performance certification to track critical components throughout the manufacturing process. Our test rigs may be simple basic written programs to complex Labview automated systems in themselves.

We ship products all over the world, ensuring the bespoke packaging both looks good and is sturdy to withstand the journey to their final destination. We can badge your products and use our customer’s brand on all packing material, adding manuals and installation instructions. All products ship with a unique serial number, often in the form of a bar code or QR Code for easy scanning, to aid traceability.